Everything Below the Neck is the Legs

A ongoing speculative project about the public desire for the physical proportion. (2018 – )

This project was originated from one of daily dreams, if the human has longer legs, what will be replaced and variated by such changing? Anatomy? Even society?

It based on those aspects:

Phenomenon: Peoples’ pursuing perfect body proportion (especially for legs). High-heel, the bone grafting surgery and other inventions are created to invent and meet some people’s expectations of the leg length.

Inspiration: Our mainstream aesthetic defines the perfect body: First If people are pursuing the “perfect” proportion of the body, does the human who has not this genetic trait will be slowly eliminated? Second If so, what kind of humans and community do you like? Moreover, what will peoples’ physical structure and appearance become?

Theory: Darwinian Evolution Theory: The process of species evolution has changed from natural selection to artificial selection.

Discuss: Extreme beauty: the transformation of body and the changing of society.

The construction of Installation
The self-perpetuating process
The self-perpetuating process

This work originated from an imagining, which like a mirror reflected the real world but still virtual; and like every single dream goes wake, perhaps it should be degraded and be disappeared. As a result, the raw materials are made from nature then designed recycling to nature.

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