Qi Field

An Interactive Installation Of Human Qi Field (2017 – )

In the temples,I have been attracted by Buddha statues, as if some force is engulfing me, I feel a sense of devoutness. Grandfather said this was because the nimbus of Buddha influences my QI field. To verify such feelings, I have begun to study the oriental QI (an invisible energy in oriental culture).

I found that oriental QI is relevant to aesthesis, which stems from western psychology, and represents the perception of people. It can be understood as the psychological response of senses organs and emotions in different environments. For instance, in the subway of Shanghai, though I did not have any contact with people, I felt crowdedness and fatigue. According to western opinions, that was because the oppressive environment of the subway enhances my sense of fatigue. But according to Oriental thoughts, it was because the QI field of individuals was repressed and restricted. It is obviously that western psychological explanation is scientific and understandable, but the Oriental QI field is mysterious and obscure. However, in my opinion, these two explanations express the same meaning, but due to the difference in the oriental and western culture, we have two different expressions about human’s perception.

Therefore, in this project, I focused on the QI field of human body, regarded the relevant elements of human’s perception as variables,to find out the underlying connection between oriental QI field and aesthesis, and used the results to visualize the QI field in the format of digital art. I demonstrated the change of QI field between different people and between people and environment, and I used western research methods and visualize QI field with the help of technology. Thus, through my final design, QI field is not only a obscure concept but a visible and interactive image.

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