An Experimental conceptual application of the attitude on social privacy (2017)

Due to the desire to expose one’s own status to satisfy vanity and to probe into others’ lives, people are divulging their private lives or thoughts on the social media and are deriving from it immense joy. They select their privacy elaborately and expose them on the Internet so as to create a desired public image to present who they are, and at this moment, the numerous pairs of eyes before screens are unscrupulously probing into the lives of the others.
However, what does the real me look like? What is the real character of the man we are snooping? We are trying to present a desired image on the social media, and everyone’s true identity and thoughts are all hidden in this mask. Besides, since “privacy” has became a tool that being utilized to satisfy their vanity, is it means our behaviours had redefined the definition of privacy?

Under these circumstances, I’ve designed a cell phone APP in which you should use the real information in your phone to attract others. Because, to some extent, the information in mobile phones can represent part of the true self. If you want to join in, you should agree that the information in the cellphone can be collected by the APP randomly, and the information can be sent to other users, they can mine your private information, and create a profile that suits you.

The game seems a bit dangerous. But in fact, your name and photo will be covered with mosaic. Yet still it sounds somewhat crazy. It seems that I am serious about doing a ridiculous thing. However, I simply want to find a direct way to discuss the relationship between the true self and desired image via exchanging real privacy, and know their attitude towards privacy. These probably far exceed the significance of the APP itself.

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