Solidified Urine

We humans seem to be very good at making and proud of products with permanent lifetimes (cement construction and hard degradation plastic products). But often the earth’s raw materials are mined and used faster than they can naturally replenish. In some extent, as a creature only has 100 years lifetime, do we truly need a house or product could stand over a century? Why do we use permanent buildings and landmarks to prove our greatness when it has been proven throughout our history?

This research based on certain thoughts towards renewable resource and human habitation in the context of environmental degradation. Firstly, human beings have been demanding resources from nature for millions of years, which has led to serious resource shortage. Under this situation, I am wondering whether humanity can start to regard themselves as sustainable matter and exploit the potential resource in their body. For instance, there are certain available, renewable elements in the organs that should be excreted through metabolism such as urine and perspiration, and there are some substances that are rejected by the human body such as cholesterol crystals and calculus, after been expelled from the body, are they completely useless? Perhaps they contain certain new possibilities when they are operated on outside the body.

The project received the Jana Valencic Award 2020.

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