The Animation of Lighting Mirror

A New Way of Telling A Story (2015)

I have always believed that what we have to lose when we get it, we usually only pay attention to what we get, and when we enjoy the convenience of technology, what do we get? What have you lost? This project focuses on the possibilities we have lost in the process of optical contrast.

When demonstrating a story, we usually use the material that can provide better definition and less distortion, thus in order to make the audience ignore the distortion in the presence of materials. For example, we use the digital camera for its better image resolution,but it actually cannot replace the film camera, for the latter incorporates its texture into the image. Therefore, I was imaging that creating a new way to demonstrate a story, to make the material of the projection machine not only show the image but also demonstrate its feature, which makes the image,has its souls like peoples,become a unique combination of content and texture.

In the end, I integrated all the thoughts and made a device, which was composed of 40 squares mirrors; thus, each mirror can reflect a textured moment, which shows a story of dreamland. The operation of the device driven by the observer and a first-person narrative story began to unfold through each pushing.

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