Sex Sells

A CrossLab work Presented at the Tate Modern.

October 2019- January 2020
CrossLab members: Manqiao Fang; Qinming Feng; Yang Li; Chuan Qin; Ke Wang

Inside “SEX SELLS,” not only art is produced but also desires. Money, as a “buying power” represents human desires. Audiences could interact with the installation by paying for their desire. They will “pay” (exchange) for the experience, addiction, and dopamine. Through the action of a coin to trigger the erection of the condom, so that a new association between the theme and audience has made.

As the creators of “SEX SELLS,” we sell experiences, the “priority” and “tickets” to feel happiness, excitement, and attention. We will instruct the person who paid, to “use” the machine, and to experi-ence the “moment.” We will talk to the audiences who experienced (triggered) the “SEX SELLS” ma-chine. We will collect their user experience feedback and opinions about the value of various experi-ences.